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Consulting and Design

ISC has been designing fire alarm systems and fire alarm system additions for years and maintains one of the most agile and knowlegeable design and drafting departments around. Our department is overseen by Jerry Dufek, who has over 30 years of personal experience in designing and drawing fire alarms. We move so fast that in many cases we can create and produce drawings before the other guys even find a place on their schedule for producing your drawings.

Not ony do we design and create drawings for our work, we consult with and create plans for the building owner or manager who wishes to design and bid out a code compliant system.

Most importantly, we design all of our systems honestly, complying with all applicable codes, but without adding any of the costly but non-required extras a lot of fire alarm companies try to pad their profits and burden a new system with. Honest design also means using non-proprietary systems and equipment that is easily available to multiple contractors from multiple sources.

When the design and plans are done, ISC has years of experience obtaining permits from virtually all cities and agencies in Southern California. We have pulled hundreds of them. We have been doing this so long that most fire department plan checkers know us, know we produce a quality design, and move us through the process quickly.

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Consulting, Design, and Permitting

System Installation and Alteration

24/7 Emergency Service

Testing and Inspection

UL Listed 24/7 Monitoring

Tenant Improvement Construction