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Does Your Current Fire Alarm Company Cause You More Problems than They Solve?

As a commercial building manager or engineer, or a contractor who works in commercial buildings, you probably have lots of experience with fire alarm contractors. And, based on what we’ve heard over the years from our clients, many of those experiences have not been good. From no call backs, to surly office people and technicians, to service that “can’t” be scheduled for a week or two, to failed final inspections, etc., etc., most fire alarm companies seem to operate on their schedule instead of yours, and don’t care all that much about taking care of their customers’ issues, or their peace of mind, in a timely, friendly, and responsive way.

At ISC, We Solve Problems – On Your Schedule! 

And our clients seem to agree…

In 1995, we started out with the specific intention of doing something unheard of in the world of fire alarm system contractors – putting customer service first. And that’s what we have been doing ever since. For 25 years we have made it our goal to provide the best open source fire alarm service, testing, and installation – on our clients’ schedule, not ours. Which is a good reason why we have so many five, ten, fifteen, and even twenty year client relationships with both buildings and contractors. You call, we respond – No Problem.

Customer service is not the only thing we are good at. Our team has many years of experience working together and it shows. Over the last 25 years we have serviced a few hundred different buildings, performed several hundred tests and inspections, monitored hundreds of buildings, completed at least five hundred permitted fire alarm installations, and fixed thousands of fire alarm problems. And in the vast majority of cases, we walked away with a happy customer, who called us back again or gave us their next installation job.


My fire alarm stopped making all that $)*!& noise and my tenants aren’t blowing up my phone anymore!

I made one call and ISC was out here right away!

– ISC Client            

We Are "Open Source"

Most fire alarm companies rely on one business model – install proprietary systems as a loss leader and make up for the loss by charging exorbitant rates for service, testing, and system alterations, locking in that business with secret passwords, special programming techniques, and threats that the system will not be properly maintained. 

ISC is different. We install non-proprietary systems that any competent fire alarm technician can work on. We provide all passwords to building management, so they can find another provider if we screw up.

We want our customers to like us and use us because we do a good job – not because they are forced to use us because of a secret password or contract language.

If you are stuck with a proprietary system and a locked in, proprietary, contractor, we can help. 95 percent of repairs, troubleshooting, and alterations to a fire system can be done by any competent and experienced fire alarm contractor, like us.

Call us and see what we can do for you!

We Offer Real Incentives to Our Clients:

 We have done this a long time and are good at it, so we are confident that we will be the best fire company you have ever worked with. But we realize it’s hard to commit to a new provider.

So here is what we offer to our clients: 

  1. Our low price guarantee on all new system installations.

If you can find a lower price from a reputable, experienced, certified contractor, we will match it.

  1. Five and ten year warranties on system installations

Most manufacturers and installers in our business offer one year warranties. Depending on the job and/or the equipment, we offer five or ten year warranties. And we have been in business for 25 years under the same management, so we will probably be around to honor them.

  1. Six month warranties and 30 day cancellations on all service contracts

Our new service contracts include a six month money back warranty. If you decide we are not living up to our promises, let us know and we will return your money. After six months, if you decide to make a change, you can cancel any contract on 30 days notice.

  1. 100% satisfaction guarantee on all other sevices

If you are not happy with our service or repairs, let us know and we will return your money. All we ask is that you be fair minded and professional about it, but it’s your call.

  1. Free Service

A free service call (up to four hours on any new system for any reaason.) Have a problem? Call us 24/7 and we will take a look and recommend what to do. If there is a simple repair, we will fix it – still at no charge.

You won’t find anyone else out there who backs up their work like this.

Give us a try. 

Susan O'Connor

Susan O'Connor

Office Manager

Susan oversees all of our office and financial functions. She has been with ISC for over 20 years.

Jerry Dufek

Jerry Dufek


Jerry does all of our proposals, oversees our design and permitting, and works with our construction teams. He has been with ISC for over 20 years.

Rick Doyle

Rick Doyle

Installation Manager

Rick is in charge of all installation projects, and dabbles in service and repairs as well. Rick has been with us for close to 25 years.

Cory Dufek

Cory Dufek

Service Coordinator

Cory schedules sevice and installation and coordinates all service contracts. He has been with ISC for 8 years.

Scott Jacobs

Scott Jacobs

Founder and President

Scott founded ISC in 1995 and still serves as president, planning the future for our company, helping out as best he can, and trying not to get in everyone’s way.