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ISC has a lot of experience, having installed hundreds of fire alarm systems. But we operate a little differently than most fire alarm companies.

First, we are not a dealer for any particular system. And that is by design. While that means we cannot get the low prices on proprietary systems and parts than an “authorized dealer” can, it more importantly means that we are not going to recommend to you the installation of a particular system because that is what we happen to carry. We are going to recommend what we think is the best system for you, no matter the manufacturer. 

Now, there are systems we prefer, but that’s not because we have a dealer relationship biasing our view. We prefer them because we have installed many systems and we have seen over the years which ones tend to work better, are easier to fix or alter, and stand up to the test of time.

Second, we go far beyond any other dealer in offering five or ten year warranties on our system installations. How can we do this when nobody else does? Two reasons – we recommend and install relatively economical, code compliant, time tested “Open Source” hardware rather than unneccessarily expensive proprietary systems that often have capabilities and complexity far in excess of what most fire alarm jobs need. And, we do a good job and back it up. If we screw up we will take responsibility, and not just for a year, as most companies do.

Third, once we have installed a system, we don’t lock you in. We supply all system passwords and manuals at no charge to buiding management so any competent fire alarm company can take over. We believe in keeping your business because you want to work with us, not because you are locked in to us as the only company who can do the work you need.

Last, we really care about doing right by you and your building. We have many long term customers and we want you to become another of our long term customers, so we work to establish a relationship based on honesty and fairness, not secrets and proprietary coercion.

Let us show you what we can do for your fire alarm system needs.

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