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Tenant Improvement Construction

ISC has specialized in servicing and testing fire alarm systems in multi tenant commercial buildings for many years. We have partnered with many buildings over the years and in many cases have ten and twenty year relationships. Invariably, those buildings require that general contractors use us to perform the fire alarm alterations required by tenant improvement construction. So over the years we have done alarm work for hundreds of tenant improvement construction jobs in all types of buildings and on virtually all brands of fire alarm systems, even the most proprietary.

We have learned that tenant improvement construction is a high wire act with many competing interests – from building management to the general contractor to the fire department, and we specialize in doing our best to meet the expectations of all three. This means that we meet the needs of the contractor by working within their schedule, not ours, meet the needs of building management by doing our work when it will least effect the base building systems and have virtually no effect on the tenants, even if it means coming to work at 3 AM, meet the needs of the fire department by designing the system properly and installing it the same way, and meet the needs of all three by having our work 100% ready when the job is finished and passing the final inspection on the first try. 

Perhaps that is why we not only have so many long relationships with buldings, but also why we have equally long relationships with prominent commercial general contractors who are always calling us in to work in buildings that are new to us because they like how we operate.

We can do TI construction on ANY fire alarm system. One thing the big proprietary manufacturers don’t want you to know is that 98% of TI work is generic – designing a system, running conduit and wire, installing and connecting smoke detectors, strobe lights and other devices, and doing final testing. The only part on a highly proprietary system that we can’t usually do is programming, and that usually takes no more than an hour or two. We have relationships with all major dealers to get it done with a minimum of hassle.

We do TI work right, and have hundreds of jobs to back up that claim. If you want a better quality of TI construction, drop us a line.

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